Thursday, January 22, 2009

WATBlog Wednesday in Pune

Thursday, January 22, 2009
I had attended an event called "WATBlog Wednesday" yesterday. The concept was, an informal networking event of developers over beer(which happened to be free) and some snacks. I was actually skeptical about the idea but was pleasantly surprised when we reached the venue. There was a decent crowd already present. As the evening progressed more people joined in. I was told that there were about 120-130 people which was roughly half of the people who had registered. The open air ambience was perfect with enough open space for people to form groups and get to know each other and have some interesting conversations, over beer. Every one was pretty enthusiastic about the entire concept and was intereacting animatedly with each other. I did meet some interesting people, and realised that pune is fast becoming a hub for startups and entreprenuers and like minded people. There were people from all sorts of companies, startups, product based, services based and free lancers too. You had enginners to founders and CEOs of a few companies. Looking forward to more such evenings in pune. :-)

Rajiv, founder of WATBlog has a blog entry on the same here and has shared the pics on facebook here.

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