Friday, January 16, 2009

All about looking young

Friday, January 16, 2009
This is part of a conversation me and rosh had 2 days back... As usual we became senti and all  :p  :D ....

  man was able to do the entire set of that 100pushups for today
  plus been going walking/jogging since yest

rmathews: nice nice
me: yeah man
 am gonna lose the fooking tummy and all excess body fat this time arnd
  gonna work my ass out this time arnd
  bohat ho gaya bc
rmathews: this time around you'll change things?
me: yes dude
rmathews: this time around you'll be more serious?
me: yes :)
rmathews: this time around you'll stick to the plan?
me: as in won't feel lazy and give up mid way
  i will
rmathews: this time around it will all have a happy ending?
me: man ppl think i am a 35 yr old uncle
rmathews:  :p
me: that sucks
rmathews: on my 26th birthday, this guy in office asked me if I was 30.  :(
and I'm sure he was being polite
me: i don't want ki main ek ladki dekhne jao and she is like.. ladka kahan hai bhaiya..(she assumes me to be the elder bro)
 ppl assume that i am married and have a kid also
  thats sad man
 really really sad
rmathews: or the dad?:D
me: that wud be pathetic
 she touches my feet ssa uncle ji
rmathews: hahaha ... :D

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