Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dal Tadka and Rotis

Thursday, November 06, 2008
I came back from my Diwali vacations on Tuesday.... And after the break, the thing I am missing the most is mom's food.. I had gotten used to having home food in the last 1.5 months.. I was getting my lunch and going back and having dinner at home... So now when I got back lunch was not an issue as i am going out with my co-workers as i used to do before... But for dinner I am in a dilemma.... I don't seem to be wanting to eat outside... somehow the whole idea of eating outside has suddenly become repulsive to me... So I decided that I should cook dinner at home.. this was something for which i practised when my mom was around, as in cook a few things under her supervision and help her out with things.... so i tried my hands at making a simple meal of Dal tadka and some Rotis yesterday night.... I must admit that the Dal turned out better than I expected and the Rotis were not so bad after all.. though I did not manage to knead the dough as good as I would have wanted to... But overall a very satisfying and tasty experience.... Hence forth I have decided that I would be cooking my dinner on most days and on weekends cook proper meals.. Initially planning to keep it simple and slowly explore and try out more things.... Below is the method I used to cook the Dal (Courtesy Reema).....

1. Wash about 1/2 cup Dal thoroughly.
2. Add 3 cups of water
3. Add salt, chili and turmeric powder according to taste. Also add a finely chopped tomato.
4. Put the contents in a cooker and let it cook till the cooker whistles once.
5. Check if it is cooked else keep cooking for some more time. (OK here I panicked or became too enthusiastic, I added more water and cooked it for some more time. This made the Dal a little bit thinner than I wanted it to be. Will keep this in mind from next time.)
6. Finally the Dal was cooked.
7. Now for the tadka, 
7.1 Cut a onion into really small pieces.
7.2 Cut a piece of garlic also.(Though u can use hing also, I did not have hing so garlic)
7.3 Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan, then add jeera(cumin), add the finely chopped onion and cook till the onions turn light brown.
8. Now add the Dal to the tadka or the tadka to the Dal and cook for a few more minutes, If needed.

And you have the Dal Tadka ready. 

You can have the Dal with rice or Rotis. I prefer rotis over rice.

the entire process took me about 45 mins-60 mins I guess... A lot of time but the it was worth it and am sure once I get the hang of things I will be able to do it quicker.... I totally enjoyed cooking the dinner.. It was a nice experience.....

Keeping the enthusiasm alive, I am gonna be cooking my dinner today too... Just that it will be a different Dal this time around... :-P......

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Vikash Kumar said...

Cool man... Good luck with your cooking.. I wish you can continue long enough to call us for a dinner made by you :).. Cheers!!

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