Friday, May 02, 2008

The Dry Day Adventures

Friday, May 02, 2008
Well yesterday was apparently a Dry Day.... did not realise it till late evening when me and Arvind planned on having beer...... We went to a restaurant called Prem's and ordered for beer and we were informed that it is a Dry day today..... we were like what!!!!... We decided we will have beer today no matter what and hence began to hunt for beer... Arvind knew a place and we went there..... But we were getting only whiskey, vodka basically hard liquor only there..... no beer.... :(.... But we were not to be deterred.... We decided to explore a couple of other places that Arvind knew... we went to another place behind Gunjan cinema and we were told that the stock was over.... But we were told that there is a bar in that area called Tanjar Bar, and we will for sure get it at that place.... this was around 2200 hrs.... So we went looking for this bar... after about 10 mins on bike and after nearly scouting the entire area we could not find the place..... We decided to return home.... But then Arvind suggested that maybe another friend of his may know another place... and we went to this person's shop..... Arvind went with this friend of his to give a last shot..... He returned back saying that the beer at this particular place was over and there too only hard liquor was available.... :-(...... So we decided that enough was enough... lets pack some food and go back to my flat and have Chiva's Regal(I have a bottle of that at my aptmt, Thanks to my Dad).... We went to this restaurant called Samriddhi and decided to parcel and take the food to my flat.... But finally decided to have the food there and go back and have a peg..... :-P.... We were hungry like hell by this time..... it was arnd 2300 hrs.... Luckily this was a place that serves food till late.... We finished our food and went back home..... We were totally exhausted and full..... We did not have any drinks... just decided to call it a day and sleep off.....

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