Monday, April 28, 2008

Party at Biba's Hyderabad House

Monday, April 28, 2008
Written on Sat 26th Apr

Yesterday we had gone for our monthly company party. It was decided sometime back that we would be going for a company sponsered party/outing every month.... Initially people had wanted to go to Tashan, but finally agreed to go to a dinner as Vikash had already planned to watch the movie over the weekend with his cousins.... So it was finally decided that we would go to this Hyderabadi restaurant in ABC Farms.... The place is pretty close by from our office, about 10 mins by walk..... We left office by 1830.... We had reached the place pretty early, cos when we reached they were still setting up the place for the evening..... We settled down for the evening.... Kunal was displaying his photography skills using Harshal's camera... He took a couple of snaps..... We started the evening by ordering some drinks(Beer and soft drinks mostly) and some starters...... The starters we ordered initially were chicken 65, cheese dipped potatoes and veg 65.... The starters were actually pretty good.... We next ordered some fish tikka, chicken hariyali.... the fish was really delecate and tasty... the next round of starters were fish tikka again and chicken 65(yeah it was a repeat, cos both were pretty tasty)... We had hogged on starters and everyone was feeling pretty full by then.... we chatted for some time and we realised that we were still, pretty much the only people present at the restaurant even now, and it was arnd 2045 then.... We decided to go ahead and order main course.... We ordered a mutton dum biryani, a keema pulav, a chicken biryani and a vegetable biryani.... By this time Paresh had already left as he had a bus to catch for Mumbai.... The mutton dum biryani was really tasty.... Overall I have to say the food was pretty good... The ambiance was not that great, but then I am not complaining because we were pretty much the only people present(till abt 2100 when another couple came in) so we had the entire restaurant to ourselves which was totally cool.... The service was good enough..... btw there was live music playing in one of the neibhouring restaurants, which was gr8 as we got to hear the music for free... :-P...... We left the place at about 2130 and walked back to Baskin robbins for a round of ice cream..... I was having Baskin Robbins ice cream for the first time.... yeah me being a ice cream buff, had not had the popular Baskin Robbins ice cream so far..... I have to agree that the ice cream was really great... I had a sundae.... damn am not able to recall the flavours, one was litchi, the other was a fruit based and the third was some prain or something.... this was topped with Butter scotch sauce..... The ice cream was really yummmyyyyyy... totally awesome.... though Kunal had a complaint that the "ice cream was sweet"...:-P..... we came to office to pick our stuff..... this was arnd 2230.... We had a really great evening.... Looking forward to the next outing....

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