Saturday, December 08, 2007

Thai Economy Lounge is closed!!!!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007
Am at the Bangkok airport(Suvarnabhoomi)..... The airport is huge and is very gud..... I mean it is absolutely huge... I was hoping that i will be able to catch up some sleep at the thai economy lounge, like i did last time..... But after arriving here i was told that the thai economy class lounge is closed.... This is bad, i mean aren't economy class passengers human... I know i am whining a loot... but then, i was soo looking frwd to sleeping... i went and met Prashanth and Amit in Taipei yesterday nite.... Had yummy dinner cooked by them.... I effectively slept for abt 2.5 hrs yesterday nite... woke up at 4 AM..... :-P.... I was totally looking frwd to sleeping in the lounge... damn damn..... tried sleeping here on the other chairs, naah not any gud.... i was initially sleeping on a single chair, as all chairs arnd me were occupied.... then the entire row on which i was sitting got empty.... so i was contemplating shud i also like occupy 2-3 adjacent chairs and try sleeping or wat... and then suddenly this uncle comes out of nowhere (i am still thinking) and peacefully keeps his bag as a pillow and sleeps off.... and i am like what the hell... what am i doin here sitting, can't see u see me sitting here thinking, look at my face i need sleep desperately.... guess the lack of sleep is making me crazy.... i did not tell any of that to that uncle, i just watched him go to sleep and i tried sleeping again on my single chair.... but i was not able to sleep... all i kept dreaming was had i not been thinking so much, i wud be sleeping in those chairs... awwww..... well well... then after about 1 hr of me trying to sleep i gave up... after some time the uncle got up and moved on... and this time without wasting a sec i swooped on the chairs like an eagle swoops on its prey from the sky..... finally ah finally i managed to get some sleep... but cud not sleep for too long ... had these dreams abt the soft sofa on which i slept last time... :-P.... damn the airport authorities for closing the thai economy lounge..... :(...... anywayz... enuf rambling.... the battery on my laptop is running out.... am off now.. and i need to run in this huge airport.... have my flight in abt 30 mins..... Have been chattinag with rosh and bhasky and sanoj... nice to catch up with frnds while u r travelling.....

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Anonymous said...

ahem, you know, that Uncle was carefully watching for those chairs to empty. he's older and more experienced and simply busted himself over that just as quick as his legs would carry him. and peacefully off to sleep he went, yaar.... he wasn't watching you at all. you're right.... :D

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