Friday, November 23, 2007

Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling

Friday, November 23, 2007
I happened to watch a bit of this special investigation on the "World of pro Wrestling(WWE)" by CNN today morning.... Could not watch the entire episode as was already late for office.... Well i have been following wrestling for quite some time... the only reason i used to watch it was for the way some of the athletes performed the stunts.... I was knew it was fake and staged... was not so sure about the pain, as in is was that also real or the blows they take are also fake.... I was proved wrong and now realise that the pain is very much real.... and the only way that these wrestlers can still perform with the pain is by taking steroids and pain killers.... Some of these guys have huge very well sculpted bodies, thanks to the steroids they take... and some of them perform amazing dare devil stunts, and well take pain killers to manage the pain.....

Well after reading the transcript and watching a bit of the video I was shocked to find that Chris Benoit had committed suicide after killing his wife and their 7 yr old son.... I was a fan of the stunts that Chris performed..... It is saddening to know that these steroids and the pain killers had sent him into depression and had damaged his brains.... A study of his brain cells reveled that he had a brain of an elderly person with Alzheimer's patient....

You can find the complete transcript of the video Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling. Curtesy CNN: Special investigations Unit.

One thing is now certain that I would not be watching any more WWE in future.... just thinking that will the guys be able to perform the same dare devil stunts if they will be able to feel the pain......

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