Friday, May 26, 2006

Now this is what is called marketing

Friday, May 26, 2006
I found the following on a blog, which is actually there on the home page of mindvalley

1. Freedom: We understand that brilliant people hate rules and shackles and desire the freedom to do their work, in their way.

2. Thinking BIG!: We're not aiming to create an email software, we're aiming to create the biggest revolution in email since Gmail. We're not content with creating blogging tools, we aim to create the World's first "intelligent" blog. When we build an e-commerce site, we aim to put it in the top 1% of sites for performance rates. We aim to be as influential in improving people's lives through technology as Yahoo, Google or Apple. We love Big, Scary, Audacious Goals.

3. Profitability: We're fully profitable, and continue to see our profits grow by at least 10% month-to-month.

4. Great People: We hire only the best. For a typical position we shift through 100 resumes and interview at least 10 people. Make it in, and you'll be working with some of the best minds in the business. We understand that "A" people attract "A" people.

5. Treats: We treat our employees well. This includes rent-subsidization, occasional concert tickets, Starbucks coffee, dinners and drinks. Our founders have worked at Microsoft and eBay and believe in the Silicon Valley model of spoiling employees.

6. Creativity: Your typical work week is 45 hours. Of this time, we allow you to spend 5 hours a week working on your own projects or inventions. If your project is successful, we'll help you launch it. We've modeled this after Google and 3M's style of nurturing creativity within the organization.

7. Stability: We've never taken a drop of investment and so have no investors to pull the plug on us. Our business also spans multiple industries such as internet marketing, product development, publishing and coding. This protects us from short term market trends in any one industry.

8. Fun: We put the "Fun" in "Business Fundamentals". Don't get us wrong - we're a disciplined, well-oiled engine of growth. But we believe that business should be fun and people should look forward to going to work each day.

9. Idealism: 100% of our employees have spent significant time volunteering or working for non-profits. We started this business to change the world. Profits come second. As a result, we will devote our time and attention to causes that may not bring in short term profits, but may result in positive social change.

10. Entrepreneurship. We understand that great people dream of starting their own companies. We help you attain this dream. We provide training and mentorship to help you grow. We do not require any employees to sign a bonding contract. Simply, put, you're free to learn from us and then move on when you're ready and start your own business. We respect entreprenuership."

Sounds exciting! I would love to work for a company like this....

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