Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Calvin n Hobbes

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Have been reading Calvin and Hobbes(CnH) online for the last couple of days. Also downloaded the entire collection today. It is such a funny comic strip. I just love it. Kudos to Bill Waterson for having created arguably one of the finest comic strips ever.

Calvin and Hobbes started on Nov. 18, 1985 in only about 35 newspapers and was not even run in Bill Watterson's hometown paper. It would appear that at the end of its run on Dec. 31, 1995, it was being run in every city in the world or at least the "Western" world. Calvin and Hobbes was a remarkable success. It achieved a very loyal following in a comparatively short time as comic strips go.
I believe that its popularity is because it was written at more than one level.
It can be read at face value by the young or young at heart while at the same time it is not very difficult to discern the deeper meaning that appears in many of the strips.

Some CnH Links

* Calvin and Hobbes at Wikipedia

* A very apt reference to to Calvin and Hobbes at slashdot: Verbing Weirds Google

* Subject Wise CnH site

Some Calvin Gems
  • It costs to be my friend.
  • Their songs glorify depraved violence, mindless sex, and the deliberate abuse of dangerous drugs.
  • You wanna just douse me in
  • steak sauce before I go to my room?
  • I have a conjectural moral question.
  • If you can't win by reason, go for VOLUME.
  • Get your rear in gear, will ya?
  • There is no problem so awful that you can't add some guilt to it and make it even worse.
  • But there's no sense in impressing them and then get killed. (about girls)
  • Wierd face contest.
  • I didn't hear you offer any brainstorms. (To Hobbes)
  • Offensive superiority. (in a snow fort)
  • Its fun to mess with their minds. (plants' minds)
  • I am delirious from having so much fun.
  • We'll both just sit here until we die.
  • Maybe I'm new wave.

Some Hobbes Gems

  • PRONOUN: A noun that loses its amateur status.
  • The problem with people is hat they're only HUMAN.
  • Tigers are great at Math! Now, what do these little horizontal lines mean?(about minus signs)
  • Tigers wreck the grade curve.
  • Your mom is going to go into conniptions.
  • You have no appreciation of physical humor.
  • Um, your schedule calls for smaller time increments than this clock can measure.
  • I declared it oppossitely by NOT declaring it!
  • I'm moving so slow, I'm moving BACKWARD! I'm winning!
  • You and that box are plain bad news.
  • If we get in National Geographic. maybe I'll get to meet some of those babes they showed in April issue! Yow Wow!

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