Saturday, March 11, 2006

F1 Qualifiers

Saturday, March 11, 2006
Was watching F1 Qualifiers with rahul(my roommate) today evening. The format of qualifiers has changed. Now you have two 15 minutes session and a 20 minute session. In each of the 15 minute sessions 6 drivers will be eliminated and the remaining will move on to the next round. This new format is aimed at making qualifying session more competitive. Rahul was of the opinion that the previous format was better. I feel that this way it is better because you get real competetion and it is more challenging as there are others also on the track.
Kimi Raikkonen had a disastarous start to the 2006 season, he blew up his rear suspension in the first qualifying session it self. Alsonso topped both the first and second qualifying sessions and looked all set to take the pole position in tomorrows race, but the master(schumacher) had the final laugh. He did a blistering final session to take pole position, with his teammate maasa in second position. Looks like Ferrari is back, this should make it an interesting season. Alonso is fourth on the grid. Barichello was third, he is with Honda this season.
Gonna watch the race tomorrow, hope it turns to be an exciting race.

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O yaar ... its been ten days ... aur bhi to likh. :)

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